Farming simulator 19 plant growth time

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Farming simulator 19 plant growth time

To grow sugarcane, a new crop in Farming Simulator 19you need a whole set of specialized machines: all of them can be found in the Sugarcane technology tab in the Tools tab of the Store. To start playing, you need a suitable planting machine. The differences are the capacity, and in the case of the most expensive model, the planting width is doubled. Attach the planter to the tractor and fill it from a special pallet purchased in the Store.

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Important note: the field for planting sugarcane doesn't require pre-treatment: cultivation or ploughing. You can sow it on the field right after harvesting another plant, or even directly on it e. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips.

Game Guide. Field work. How to grow sugarcane. Table of Contents. Cane planters. A pallete supplementing the sugarcane planter. The simplest solution can be the best one: connect a cane trailer to a small harvester connected to a tractor. Tips and curiosities. Starting tips Difficulty Levels Timescale and sleeping Trains The banks, the loans and the bankruptcy Additional gameplay options Production chains. What to cultivate first? How does the belt system work? Why can't I use the Biogas Plant?

How to fill a vehicle's tank? How to save game?

Season 19 – Crop Growth, Harvesting, and How to Make Hay and Silage

How to buy new fields? Which tractor should I begin with?Seasons 19 introduces seasons and weather changes to Farming Simulator During each season you work in the field, so the gameplay is not so casual - it requires strategy and planning. You start new game in the fall, harvest time, and you have no way to change the starting season. Know that the duration of the day depends on the time of year, as in real life. By default, each season has 3 stages, so if you want to change the duration of the year, there must be a minimum of 12 days 4 seasons x 3 stages each.

Maximum 96 days 24 days at any time of the year. In addition, you should know that, just like in the real world, days are longer during the summer and they shorten when we get closer to winter. In the calendar on the top panel you should see the current season, divided into 3 stages, the duration of which can be changed in the next tab.

This will affect the duration of the whole year. Brown bars show when you can plant plants, blue - when to harvest them. This means that for example Wheat can be sown in spring, at the end of summer and in fall. If you sow it this year or the previous year, it must go through all stages of growth, but you cannot harvest it before the last stage of summer, and not later than the first stage of winter.

On the left you can see the types of crops and temperature: the minimum temperature of the soil at which the plant should be planted, while you need to monitor the timing - if you do not do this in the specified period of time of year, the plant can grow, but will not Mature for collection.

If the plant does not germinate which is a condition of maintaining optimal temperature for several daysyou will lose them. Some plants, like sunflower, require a higher temperature than wheat, so the timing of sowing changes. The calendar form is constant for each climate GEO mods. So every year, for every map and every game save file, the calendar looks the same until you install a different GEO mod.

Information about the current weather, temperature, time of year and what day it is at a certain time will appear next to the clock at the top. The second tab in the Seasons 19 mod menu shows the weather forecast for the coming days.

Remember that the forecast is never sure, and its credibility decreases with time. At the top of the screen you will see more hours and days for which the weather is expected. Going down, you can see the cloudiness and expected temperatures - it is on their basis to decide what you can plant on your field with minimum risk. In the next row, you can see the wind speed and "Drying potential", i.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

Farming Simulator 19 - Tree Growth Stages from Start to Finish

Install Steam. Store Page. Farming Simulator 19 Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Depedns on the setting you have them on. On Normal realtime is 24 hours. Short gorwht time it think is 18 hours and slow growth time is 36 I think. Originally posted by Willow Rivers :. The game speed doesn't matter.

farming simulator 19 plant growth time

You can run at 1x or x and it will take the exact same amount of time in game. What matters is the growth speed setting in the options that Sergeant mentioned. I play on fast growth. Last edited by margalus ; 27 Dec, pm. Originally posted by SergeantSchmidt :. Originally posted by margalus :. Ah okay I get it. Thank you both! There might be some crops like taters that have one extra cycle also. I haven't grown any of those work intensive crops in 19 yet, but I recall they were different in previous installments.

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All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Transitions from one growth stage to another happen at midnight. Same goes for germination when seeds start to grow. Also, growth occurs in 4 phases. Germination or sprouting marks the start of the growth process.

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This is when the seeds turn into plants. Just remember that every crop type has its own germination temperature. When white, the ground is warm enough. The green bar indicates when you should plant.

Most crops can only be harvested in the final growth stage. To harvest, you need to take crop moisture into consideration. If the crop is too wet, it must have some sun to dry up before you can fire up your harvester. You might actually get a warning that the crop is too wet to be threshed. You can use the MT 9 measurement tool, which can be bought in the shop and activated like chainsaws, to measure the crop moisture among other things.

Note: You can turn off the crop moisture function in the Seasons 19 menu. And foraging? The mod uses the vanilla system for foraging, meaning you can start up your forage harvester when corn reaches the second last growth stage, for example. When putting seeds into the ground, you also need to look at the ground moisture. For this, you can use the MT 9 measuring tool. So, how can we benefit from this?

In many areas of the world, planting crops like winter wheat is quite common. Then, after Fall harvest of the corn, the fields are replanted with wheat that matures next spring. And this is how you can do it in Seasons 19 too. It will germinate before Winter sets in and stay dormant during winter.

farming simulator 19 plant growth time

Patchy crop failures PCF is new for Seasons It simulates real-world events were germination, and growth fails in some areas of the fields. If you discover them soon enough in the planting season, you could try replanting the patches.

But for the most, the areas affected are so small that the loss of yield is almost unnotably. Oh, those faulty patches do show up on the main menu world map, under the growth tab see the image above.

farming simulator 19 plant growth time

What about winter?In Farming Simulator 19 FS 19you get the chance to chop down trees and plant new ones. You can do this with chainsaw or machines.

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To plant trees in FS 19, first you need to buy pallets with seedlings either from pines or poplars. Then you need a tree planting machine such as Damcon PL 75, with that you can plant the seeds. You have the following options when cutting trees: - Cut down trees with the chainsaw: Chainsaws cost you less money and allow you to cut the trees by hand.

Note that you have to manually remove smaller branches on tree trunks. Shorter tree trunks can also be loaded directly onto the trailer by hand. No matter what you pick, you can then load the logs and transport them to the sawmill.

When selling, you should deliver logs as long as possible to the sawmill to get maximum price. Farming Simulator Getting Started Guide and Tips Produce and sell wood chips You can also process cut tree trunks for wood chips before you sell them. In addition you can use shredder to spit out the wood chips for you. You can harvest poplars directly with a forage harvester with a suitable cutting unit.

You can then unload the chips directly into a tractor with a trailer that accompanies you at the harvest. I noticed something odd when planting saplings. If you run the tractor and planter yourself the pallet of saplings gets emptied, but if you hire a worker, the pallet remains full.

I had a worker plant all of field 2 by the sawmill on the German map with one pallet. It's a very nice option but as far as i could track the costs it's about 1. DTG Reviews. You can also process cut tree trunks for wood chips before you sell them. April 5, at AM. Thrasil Says:. March 3, at PM. Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Powered by Blogger.Zum Inhalt. Abmelden Registrieren. Plant Growth Time. Seite 1 von 1. I would like for my plant growth time to be more true to life.

I have never seen plants grow to full maturity in two days from seed.

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Nach oben. I mean, in one day you can plow, seed, fertilize and harvest, all in less than one game-day. Though, if you do NOT advance the time multiplicator in game, the time it takes your crops to mature, is a heckuva long time. What will you do during your interminable wait? Answer: a lot of grass mowing. Save and exit. Go do something else for 3 months then come back and harvest.

Seriously, I think you just fast forwarded to the harvesting time, like you waited all the normal time but you get to the good bit a little faster and imagine you waited that long.

farming simulator 19 plant growth time

I'm well into simulators and have just about every one going now. My fave FSX Flight sim typically takes 8 hours sometimes for along flight and is comparable to real life. My train sim takes about the right time also. Truck sim, about on the ball there. But none of them relies on something growing, so in the case of farming you have to imagine you waited that long instead.

I do see where you're coming from though and no offence intended. If you set it to Real Time and Slow then you should be all set. You'll be waiting a few days in real life for the crops to mature at least I'm pretty sure.

If you have the time set to no multiple and the growth rate set to slow the crops still mature in just over two days. If you are doing everything yourself and not hiring ai drivers this means you can handle maybe 7 or 8 fields at most unless you work at night.

Although I would not want it to take as long as real life, I would like an option for maybe 7 to 10 days for full growth. Then I could do more with 'managing fields and such'. Of course if you are hiring ai and using that thing that you can record a course and then let the computer do the work, this wouldn't matter at all.

What you need to do is to edit the map file, map The number after this represents how long it takes for the fruittype listed before it to grow.

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The lower the number, the faster it goes.In Farming Simulator 19 you have the ability to control the time in the game: speed it up or slow it down - the reference point is the real time.

You can do this at any time in the game, at any level of difficulty from the game options. You can use the fast timescale option sleep at nightif you have the Farm House building - at dusk you can get inside and go to sleep. Keep on mind that the time of your sleep is set manually. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia.

Farming Simulator 19 Farming Guide – Cultivation, Fertilization, Threats, Storing, Selling

Release Dates. Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips. Game Guide. Tips and curiosities. Timescale and sleeping. Table of Contents. In options you can change the acceleration of time: with a maximum acceleration of x - one day in the game lasts 12 minutes. You can sleep on your farm without taking into account the time related with anticipation of the harvest.

Starting tips Difficulty Levels Timescale and sleeping Trains The banks, the loans and the bankruptcy Additional gameplay options Production chains. What to cultivate first? How does the belt system work? Why can't I use the Biogas Plant? How to fill a vehicle's tank? How to save game? How to buy new fields? Which tractor should I begin with? How to hire workers? How to remove tree stumps and bushes New tractor: what to pay attention to? How to increase harvester capacity?

How to repair vehicles and machinery? How to sell vehicles? Can I combine semi-trailers? How does the leasing work? Maps and field sizes. Ravenport Map Felsbrunn Map. Crops types Grain Root crops Summary and profitability. Harvesting wood Poplars.


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